Aida Schläpfer Al-Hassani was born in Baghdad to an Iraqi Father and a Lebanese Mother and spent her childhood in Iraq and Lebanon. At the age of 20 she moved to Europe and settled in Switzerland. She graduated as an accountant and business manager, and later earned a degree in Art and Media Design at the F+F School for Art and Media Design in Zurich. In 2003 she relocated to Egypt to attend the High Cinema Institute at the prestigious Academy of Arts in Cairo, earning a post-graduate diploma in Film Directing.

Aida has several films and advertisements to her credit, including the videos “Shadow Black and White”, “Silent Screening inside a Woman”, “East and West Dancing”, “Marionette” (35mm) and the documentaries “Gangs of Baghdad”, “Homeland”, “Ana Esmy Mwaten Masry” (My Name is Egyptian Citizen), “To Be We Also Want To Be”, and “NouN”.

NouN won the Golden Medallion, Best Arab Film and a special mention at the 9th Muscat International Film Festival in 2016. It won the title “Best Film (The Golden Cave)” at the Tangier International Film Festival also in 2016. NouN was screened at several other festivals and was broadcast on television around the world.

Several of her other films have won acclaim. The documentary My Name is Egyptian Citizen was nominated for Best Short Film at the Al Jazeera International Film Festival 2012. Gangs of Baghdad was featured at the 11th Annual Hollywood Film Festival and Hollywood Awards and received wide exposure as it was screened at film festivals around the world. Marionette was also screened at many film festivals around the world.

Aida has been a jury member at several international film festivals and was the president of the inter-religious jury at Visions du Réel Nyon in 2015. She is co-founder and president of the Association International Arab Film Festival Zürich. Together with the Filmpodium Zürich, Aida Co-directs the Arab Film Festival Zurich.

Member of:
– Professional Association of Swiss and European filmmakers (ARF/FDS)
– Professional Association of Egyptian filmmakers
– Professional Association of Iraqi filmmakers
– Professional Association of Egyptian critics