This panel will provide insights into Moroccan filmmaking and sociopolitical issues related to it.


Beat Stauffer is a freelance journalist and a book author. In recent years, he has reported extensively on the Arab uprisings and the cultural and social changes in the Maghreb states.

Saturday, 28 November, 5:30 pm

Fyras Mawazini has worked for more than 15 years for international NGOs in several countries throughout the MENA region and Africa before joining the DROSOS foundation in 2011. He is in charge of the foundation’s programs in Morocco and Tunisia.

Ali Essafi, born in Fez, is one of Morocco’s foremost documentary filmmakers and video artists, following in the footsteps of Ahmed Bouanani. His Film «Before the Dying of the Light aka Our Dark 70s» will be shown at the festival.

Nouhad Fathi is a Swiss-based freelance writer and translator focusing on issues such as feminism, individual rights and the freedom of conscience.